The Citan: The city has a new hero.


Combinations to suit your needs.
The Citan is perfectly configured for the many requirements of city logistics: it offers tailor-made transport solutions for your day-to-day challenges. Whether as a panel van, Mixto or crewbus:easy loading and unloading, impressive robustness and the extremely versatile load compartment not only impress during the working day, but also when the day's work is over.
Show your good taste.
The new Citan adds life to city traffic: its dynamic design and compact proportions add a new, distinctive face to the city delivery-van segment, one that exudes the will to deliver performance and get things done.
Get the most out of it.
The new Citan will perform its duties even under the most demanding conditions: its hallmark Mercedes-Benz attributes, the safety features and the 24-hour service meet the requirements of commercial customers, and are important sales arguments.
Make the city your territory.
This is where the Citan is in its element: during manoeuvring, in confined city traffic and in the urban environment it impresses hugely with its agility and manoeuvrability, while on motorways and country roads it delights with a high level of ride comfort.
The new Citan: let its versatility inspire you.